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Part V “La Época – This Thing Called Kizomba”

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Part V “La Época – This Thing Called Kizomba”



Part V “La Epoca – This Thing Called Kizomba” (2015)

Another exceptional, perspective-changing film!! This is the newest addition to our series of documentaries which is not shy about the very controversial topics of Kizomba and Semba – as rhythms and dances. Dancers who have seen the film have applauded that the film addresses very directly the misconceptions that Kizomba dancers make about Salsa – and especially those that salseros make about Kizomba.

For example, many salseros express publicly on social-media that Kizomba is only about sexuality or that it requires no technique. This is very far from the truth. Another example is that many salseros have heard Ghetto-Zouk or have seen Urban-Kiz – and mistakenly think that this is Kizomba. This is very far from the truth. Kizomba and Kizz2.0 should be respected, however they are two distinct dances and the rhythms of Kizomba and Ghetto-Zouk are fundamentally different. not like but instead a new fusion being called by the same name. This film provides information to fill in the blanks. Order now!

Amazing interviews with the very most-respected international instructors of Kizomba including Kwenda Lima, Eddy Vents, Petchu, Ozy Shyne, Sara Lopez, and several others who contribute.


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The six documentaries available are:

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Part V “La Época – This Thing Called Kizomba”


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