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Part IV “La Época – Salsa, 50 Years From Now”

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Part IV “La Época – Salsa, 50 Years From Now”

Musicality is in you… Just listen!



Part IV “La Epoca – Salsa, 50 Years From Now” (2015)

A must-see for every salsero!! Beginner dancers and musicians as well as the advanced! This brilliant film takes a superb approach via most of the top ‘Salsa’ instructors in the world as they respond to questions on the controversial and sometimes taboo topics of the current international dance-scene. Some of these terrific instructors and performers had long been on our agenda – including Franklin Diaz (On2), Alien Ramirez (On2), Luis Vazquez (On1), Alberto Valdes (Cubana), Tania Cannarsa (On2) plus the other outstanding instructors who have been featured in our earlier filmes including Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez, Adolfo Indacochea, Oliver Pineda, and others.

Plus, we’re so VERY excited about a very special chapter in the film which walks you through two separate songs distinguishing each of their instruments! This means that dancers can hear and see the distinctions between the trumpet, trombone, the contra-bass, congas and the bongo, timbales, the saxophone, piano, and more. Dancers had been telling us for some years that it would be helpful to provide a way to train their hearing – so we’ve heard and we’re responded with this very unique section! After watching this film, you will be able to open up so many more opportunities on the dance-floor!

The original, amazing soundtrack has been nominted for several awards already in Europe and the U.S., especially featuring the gorgeous track titled “Adorada Mía” (Bolero Son-Montuno) and the ever-smooth sounding “Ellos Me Dicen” (Guaguancó), the commercial track which was recently made into a music-video “Así Son, Payaso Soy” (Son-Montuno).


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The six documentaries available are:

Part I Original “La Época – The Palladium Era” (2008, 130min)
Part II Original “La Época – The Lost Rhythms in Salsa” (2011, 135min)
Part I Re-Edited “La Época – The Palladium Era” (2011, 80min)
Part II Re-Edited “La Época – The Lost Rhythms in Salsa” (2011, 85min)
Part IV “La Época – Salsa, 50 Years From Now”
Part V “La Época – This Thing Called Kizomba”


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