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All 6 movies and soundtracks

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All 6 movies and soundtracks



FORMAT: The movies are downloadable. These are not DVDs or CDs or VHS but instead these are downloadable for your convenience. Videos are compressed to 480p HD for ease of download and portability.
POLICY: Please note that purchases are non-refundable.
COPYRIGHT: All material and music are protected under international copyright laws.

The six documentaries available are:

Part I Original “La Época – The Palladium Era” (2008, 130min)
Part II Original “La Época – The Lost Rhythms in Salsa” (2011, 135min)
Part I Re-Edited “La Época – The Palladium Era” (2011, 80min)
Part II Re-Edited “La Época – The Lost Rhythms in Salsa” (2011, 85min)
Part IV “La Época – Salsa, 50 Years From Now”
Part V “La Época – This Thing Called Kizomba”


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