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Award-Winning Documentaries on the History of Salsa

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The Revolution It's About to Begin

What the history can teach without filters it's the most valuable lesson for the new generation.

"By removing elements from our roots, you are removing those of us who created the music for love, nor money or vanity. Just remember us."

Chuito "Chuco" Valdés

Chuito died in 2009 at the age of 87.

He was the rehearsal pianist of Arsenio Rodriguez.

Learn From the Legacy of Legends

Your passport to the origin, to the deep undertading of the movement

Award-Winning Original Sountrack

A tribute to the past, listen to the unfiltered elements in salsa music and grasp a deeper understanding. Let your body feel the essence and you will obtain expression and freedom.

Universal Salsa

You’ll learn first hand from the musician perspective the insides of the rhythms, you’ll comprehend and dissect the music in order to create a powerfull connection, improve and enjoy as never before.

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The Lost Rhythms in Salsa

Distinguish and understand the lost rhytyms in salsa in part II of the amazing LA ÉPOCA documentary.

Join thousands of salseros around the globe and unveil the secrets that have been holding your progress.